Red River NH3 Solutions Inc. is a registered Transport Canada inspection facility. We offer inspections of TC 51 (nurse tank) containers and TC 331 (transport delivery tank) containers and offer suggestions for preventative maintenance.


Our knowledgeable team can help you determine the types of equipment best suited to your operation. We sell:

  • NH3 handling equipment and parts
  • Safety equipment
  • Personal protective equipment


We provide installations of:

  • NH3 handling equipment
  • Twin nurse wagon assembly
  • Plumbing

Service, Repairs & Maintenance

We come to you. We offer on site service, repair and maintenance of:

  • NH3 handling equipment
  • Site and equipment inspections to ensure compliance with ACofP, Environment Canada and OFC Boiler Branch


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Red River NH3 Solutions Inc. is based in St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba and is owned and operated by Kevin Sabourin.

Kevin gets up in the morning and does what he does because he genuinely loves seeing customers benefit from the results his company can provide – that and the satisfaction that comes from helping others to run a safer and more efficient operation.

Kevin was born and raised in St. Jean Baptiste, Manitoba, in the heart of the Red River Valley. He has worked in various facets of the Ag industry for over 20 years including working directly with NH3 for 15 years and being a certified tank inspector for just under a decade. Colleagues and clients refer to him as both knowledgeable and practical in the anhydrous ammonia field.

A strong supporter in his local community and with a firm belief in the importance of family, Kevin believes you get from life what you put into it. His parents taught him at a young age the importance of a strong work ethic. When he’s not helping farmers reach new success you can find him fishing, playing hockey, snowmobiling and feeling blessed to take in all the greatness of the outdoors with his wife Brandi and their three incredible kids.


We are committed to helping Manitoba farmers & ag retailers flourish by providing a safe, affordable and efficient NH3 handling and operations service that is customized to meet each grower’s needs.

For Farmers

Crops needs for nitrogen increase as plant genetics and yields improve. Equipment hasn’t gotten smaller. Ammonia equipment shouldn’t slow things down. Farming practices are adopting to Variable Rate Technology. We provide safer and better alternatives. Contact us to learn more.

For Retailers

We’re excited to show you how to spend less time on the road and pumping; how to increase your handling and flow efficiencies and save money. Improve your pumping efficiencies. Let us provide you with quicker and more efficient pumping and handling systems that will result in more NH3 pumped in a day.

We are fully certified by Transport Canada as a facility for the inspection and repair of highway tanks and portable tanks in accordance with CSA standard B620.



Red River Nitrogen Solutions
Kevin Sabourin, Owner and President
Box 306, St. Jean Baptiste, MB R0G 2B0